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The benefits of Colostrum

There are numerous studies and publications which testify to the beneficial effects of high grade colostrum on our health and well-being. These benefits can be summarised as follows:

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Strengthens cells.

  • Cartilage, muscles, joints and tendons are strengthened and recover faster from injury.

  • Improves muscle mass to body fat ratio.

  • Intestinal flora is activated and the intestines as a whole are regenerated. Colostrum offers high protection against gastro-intestinal problems.

  • Fights, bacteria, viruses and fungi such as Candida.

  • Colostrum protects against colds and flu. When infection does occur, a faster recovery is observed.

  • Patients generally recover and regenerate faster after an operation, x-ray treatment or chemotherapy by taking colostrum extract during the medical treatment as a supportive nourishment.

  • The unpleasant side effects of antibiotics, especially those felt in the intestines, can be eliminated or at least significantly lessened, by taking colostrum.

  • Colostrum helps to build up the body when the immune system has been weakened as a result of illness or the side effects of treatment.

  • Balances blood sugar level.

  • Colostrum supplies an exhausted body quickly with energy and helps all those who feel tired, listless or burned out.

  • The appearance of the skin becomes more refined.

  • Blotches on the skin can be influenced positively; they regress to a certain degree.

  • Colostrum often helps with neurodermatitis and psoriasis, even when traditional methods have failed.

  • The body is more resistant to allergies, particularly with patients suffering from hay fever, who generally show significant improvement after taking colostrum for longer periods.

  • Colostrum contains anti-ageing factors which slow down the ageing process.

  • The susceptibility to stress is reduced. One is able to withstand stress more effectively and generally becomes more resilient.

The key elements in colostrum are the following:

  • The immune factors are valuable workers of the immune system i.e. antibodies. They strengthen our natural defence mechanisms against infections and slow down our ageing process.

  • The growth factors make sure that cell metabolism functions at its best, that muscles and cartilage are formed and that they become and stay strong.

  • The amino acids are essential protein building blocks. They are not found in this balance in any other type of food. They guarantee the activities of all enzymes in our organism. They activate cell metabolism, growth and mental fitness.

  • The metabolic factors, vitamins, minerals and enzymes help the body to cope with stress and exhaustion through, amongst other things, an improved uptake of nutrients..

The effectiveness of colostrum is due to its complex make up, which nature optimized in the course of evolution and adapted to the needs of life. Colostrum is not a miracle substance. The wide range of its uses and applications are explained in that our cell-functions are naturally coordinated. As our complete body consists of cells, colostrum works whenever and where-ever the cells are damaged,or where cell-functions are affected.

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