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holvita™ Colostrum filtration process

Because our colostrum is not pasteurized it has to go through a series of filtrations. This process involves temperatures below 40C to ensure that component parts are neither altered nor damaged, while at the same time fats, casein, large molecules, bacteria, viruses and fungi are eliminated. This leaves a product highly suitable for human consumption which is easily absorbed by the body.

About the process:

1. Raw Colostrum step one: Raw colostrum
2. The fats are eliminated. These fats are good for the calf but not necessarily suitable for human consumption. step two: Elimination of fats
3. The casein is eliminated from the colostrum. step three: Elimination of casein from colostrum
4. Ultrafiltration process. This process involves passing the liquid through a semi-permeable membrane which acts as a filter and removes all the large molecules from the colostrum. step four: After aliminating casein the colostrum then goes through ultrafiltration
5. Sterile filtration. This filtration uses a semi-permeable membrane to filter out bacteria and fungi. step five: colostrum is then sterilized by a process called sterile filtration
6. The clear, filtered colostrum is then bottled or freeze-dried into powder for capsules.                  

  • Production quality is guaranteed by DIN-EN-ISO 9001 standard
  • European Union hygiene standards HACCP apply

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