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Our holvita™ Colostrum extract

About our colostrum

Our colostrum is manufactured by a specialised colostrum manufacturer based in southern Germany. It is relevant to mention this, since most colostrum on the market today comes from mass producing milk production plants which pasteurise and spray-dry their products.

All our bovine colostrum, both liquid and capsules, as well as the colostrum contained in the creams and body lotions, is collected from a wide selection of certified herds free of pesticides, heavy metals, antibiotics and disease-causing pathogens and is extracted in a bio-technical process which does not involve or produce heat. This process allows for a gentle separation of the vital substances from fats, casein, large molecular proteins, germs and other contaminants. This colostrum extract holds its components in a free form which, is highly soluable in its powder form and guarantees this highly absorbable colostrum extract at its maximum potency.

Quality standards

Our products are manufactured to DIN-EN-ISO 9001 production quality standards as well as the strict HACCP guidelines which guarantee the highest hygiene standards within the EU.

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