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Our Statement

Who we are

Colostrum Products Distributor Ltd. is a new, recently incorporated company located in Havant, a small town on the south coast of England. We are a specialist retailer and distributor of a range of colostrum products which we market under the brand holvita™. Our product range includes both high grade liquid colostrum and colostrum powder in capsules , colostrum- based creams and lotions,and all of these products are natural , free of preservatives and contain no artificial colouring .

About our product

The core product we sell , bovine colostrum, appears to be simplicity itself. In its basis and raw form it is widely available throughout the world. But while it is a basic substance – it is the first nourishment the calf receives from the mother cow immediately after birth – it also has a highly complex and intricate structure. Bovine colostrum is made up of at least 82 identified, individual components many of which are bio-active, and these are interrelated in such an exact fashion and in such precise quantities that it cannot be replicated in a laboratory or mass produced in a factory. And because it is a natural product , it cannot be patented.

Our aims

As a company, we have set it as one of our priorities to contribute to a better understanding of this natural product and the huge benefits it potentially holds for us. You will find a lot of references to scientific case studies and research publications on our website. The aim here is both to present the evidence and to stimulate a discussion about “Health” and the implications it has for personal and cultural assumptions and practices. We sincerely hope, that the Forum on our web will prove to be a platform for just such a discussion.

Our vision

One of the surprising things you will find as you browse is the diversity of applications for colostrum and this can be confusing at first and cause suspicion . Unfortunately, “believers” who talk about a “miracle” food play a contributory part here. What is important to remember , and it is something that becomes plain when you look at the emerging science, is the central role our immune system plays in our health and well-being. Many of our ailments and illnesses are SYMPTOMATIC and are a consequence of a badly functioning immune system. The wonderful thing about colostrum is, that it has the capability to re-energise and re-balance this vitally important defence and protection of our health. This emerging knowledge is worth being taken seriously by mainstream health practitioners because the implications are far reaching ,and not least because of its cost effectiveness! This is not to be understood as an attack on medicine. Far from it. Medicine and medication are vital at critical times, when the body is no longer able to support and heal itself. But in most non-critical situations it would make a lot of sense to treat the body and let the body deal with the illness..

Product quality

We have taken great care in the selection of the products we have on offer. The colostrum in our holvita™ products is processed in a manner which does not interfere with the subtle integrity of the colostrum structure and we can therefore guarantee a colostrum of the highest quality. The production process accords to the highest European Standards DIN-EN-ISO 9001 and the hygiene laws as defined by HACCP.

Summing it up....

Finally, we would like to leave you with something on a more personal note. All of us here at CPD have made our own individual experience with ill health, and in the process of dealing with it we have had to both learn and unlearn in the most unexpected ways to come to grips with the obvious! This, ironically, can be very difficult indeed! But it is worth it, we can assure you. The simplicity, that holds within it a many sided complexity, has a direct bearing on what we have set ourselves as policy for our company.