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Colostrum and heal section, family with child

Colostrum and health benefits

We apologise but due to the EU legislation on health claims we are unable to mention any health benefits. Instead we list all relevant scientific studies that have been carried out with colostrum and its components.

21/03/2014 - Letter of recommendation of Holvita Organic Liquid Colostrum from Barts and The London Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry

It is a pleasure to write in support of the Holvita Organic Colostrum. We took part in a clinical trial of this medication in a group of patients with advanced cirrhosis. We found the Holvita Colostrum to be well tolerated with a very good safety profile - no adverse events were observed in patients taking colostrum. Many patients commented on an improvement in their general well being during the study. In summary data from a small scale clinical trial indicated that Holvita Organic Colostrum is safe, even in patients with very severe underlying illness.

Yours sincerely
Graham R Foster
Professor of Hepatology

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Colostrum references

In this section you can read and find all references and research that has been done with colostrum within the scientific field.