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Multiple Sclerosis and holvita™ colostrum
by Richard Peacock

I was diagnosed with MS in 1998 and within 3 years had been forced to give up work because of it's effects. I suffered terrible pain and appalling fatigue and for days I had to sleep for hours on end. Nothing worked to truly relieve the pain and I felt as if my life was over at a young age.

After many years in this dreadful state a friend gave me liquid colostrum to try as they believed it could help. I took it reluctantly and amazingly withitn a month I was beginning to feel better. People commented on how I looked and I began to get more energy. Within a few short months the fatigue had subsided and the pain decreased. In fact just a few months after that it was almost as if I had never felt better. I saw a new consultant recently and he could not believe that I have had MS for 10 years. I still have symptoms of MS and take pain killers but spring out of bed at 7.30 ready for a long day. I never though that it could happen and recommend Holvita liquid colostrum wholeheartedly.

Richard Peacock
May, 2008

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Fuelling change
by David W. Morris

David Morris is a leading figure in the disability movement and works as a policy adviser to the Mayor of London. In a personal capacity he has always been interested in alternative approaches to medical orthodoxy.

Over the last few months colostrum has become an integral part of my life. Six months ago I had no idea it existed or maybe only some slight peripheral knowledge. I still feel slightly peculiar when I get evangelical about a dairy product, but my life is like that sometimes. It is worth saying a few things to give you a context about me. My driving force is for equality and justice. I am a radical by nature, a pragmatist by experience, a humanist by instinct and an anti-dogmatist in principle. I'm instinctively inquisitive, open to new ideas and always looking at the alternative.....
Read the full story here

David W. Morris
October, 2007

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Why I take holvita™.
by Dr John Molyneux BA, PhD

One evening in February 2007, after a couple weeks of feeling increasingly rough, I developed quite bad chest pains. I rang NHS Direct for advice and they told me I needed to go to hospital and they were sending an ambulance.... Read the full story here

Dr John Molyneux BA, PhD
March, 2008

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My Story (Hepatitis C sufferer)
by Maria Miller

I was diagnosed with the hep c virus in 2004 and the news left me in a state of shock. I had never touched any drugs, did not have any tattoos, never had a transfusion or any surgery. My first question was: how did I get it, and the second question: what is it?

The truth is that my health had not been brilliant for the past ten years and, according to the doctors, I had lots of unspecified symptoms. When I compared my symptoms with the most common symptoms of hep c listed on the internet hep c website, they turned out to be typical symptoms of symptomatic hepatitis c..... Read the full story here

Maria Miller
March the 1rst, 2008

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How holvita™ has helped me (Hepatitis C)
by Anne Walker

I suffer from Hepatitis C, a chronic infection which attacks the liver and other organs, depleting the immune system. I am sure the vital, super foods contained in the liquid colostrum extract holvita™ protect both my immune system and digestive tract. I have not had any infections or flu since I started taking this amazing product, I now suffer from fewer colds and flu than my healthy friends!

I have been taking holvita™ for over a year now and came through a major operation with no infections and super wound healing. I feel protected by this product.

As a vegetarian I was worried about taking an animal product but have been assured that this company has the welfare of their cows at heart.

Since using holvita™ dermatological cream I am hooked! I prefer this to any cosmetic product I have come across. It is like food for the skin! I used this cream after my major operation and I am convinced that it not only helped the healing of the scar but more importantly, stopped any infection developing. In this day and age of hospital infection I would recommended it to anyone!

Anne Walker
January the 24th, 2008

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Me and Hep C
by Eileen

I am a nurse by training and profession and I love my work. I always did and I've always, as far as I can think back, wanted to be one. And I have always looked after myself, it was the way I was brought up. I learned cooking from my Mum – I don't use a microwave and these pre-cooked meals and I don' t think I've ever eaten any of those hamburgers from those fast food places.

In 1995 I started to feel unwell and I went for an examination and I was diagnosed as having a congenital heart defect. One of the valves in my heart had to be replaced and I was facing a major operation at some stage . But despite looking after myself well I kept feeling unwell and it wasn't getting any better and things dragged on for years. Then, in 2001 I was going to have my heart surgery.....Read the full story here

March the 10th, 2008

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